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Get Fuzzy

By Darby Conley
Jul 7, 2012
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Satchel: Rob! You a got a new movie in the mail!
Bucky: What is it?
Satchel: Uh... "The Tempest."
Bucky: Pfff. Yet another movie based on a video game.
Rob: It's shakespeare, Bucky!
Satchel: You're just mad 'cause no one wanted that script you wrote based on pong!
Bucky: Technically, Spielberg hasn't got back to me yet, forget home, Steve, phone Bucky!
Rob: You're still mad about Spielberg not buying your pong adaption? Ha ha!
Bucky: Hey, he did "jaws" and that wasn't even a video game!
Rob: You can't make a movie out of pong, Bucky.
Bucky: Oh yeah? What part of hit the title character with boards for 90 minutes do you not think works as a movie? I'd cast Jackie Chan as pong. The man knows how to take a punch.
Satchel: And vinnie Jones could be a board!
Jul 9, 2012
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