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Get Fuzzy

By Darby Conley
Apr 21, 2012
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Bucky: You can't come through here. Rob's room is now a museum.
Satchel: Why?
Bucky: Yea, the image of Garfield hath appeared on an ancient textile! I call it... The shroud of Tabby!
Satchel: Garfield isn't dead. 
Bucky: Such is the extent of this Garfield miracle!
Satchel: Let's see it.
Bucky: Tickets are thirty dollars.
Satchel: I'll give you the turtle shell I found today.
Bucky: Done! And now be amazed!
Satchel; That's an official licensed Garfield sheet.
Bucky: No, no! It's a Garfield miracle! Wait! You can't leave without a souvenir replica of the shroud from our shop!
Satchel: That's the pillowcase for the sheet set!
Apr 23, 2012
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