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Get Fuzzy

By Darby Conley
Jul 16, 2011
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Satchel: What's that?
Bucky: I just finished my new manuscript: The book of pain.
Satchel: Ooo, so it's a drama?
Bucky: for me it's a comedy with a bit of action, but for you it's a mystery with a dash of horror.
Satchel: Ha ha! Huh? Can I see it? There's no words! How is it a mysterious comedy without words?
Bucky: Give it here, I'll show you. Lean in here.... See? You hold it like so, and...
Satchel: Mm-hm. I don't like your new manuscript.
Bucky: It'll work better in hardcover format.
Jul 18, 2011
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