Jun 4, 2011
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Satchel: Hiya, Buck!
Bucky: Shh! I'm incognito!
Satchel: That's a cognito? It looks like a dress.
Bucky: No. I mean I'm trying to go unnoticed.
Satchel: Then don't be a guy in a dress... Everybody's gonna stare at that, it's quite interesting.
Bucky: Oh yeah? So what do they do in Scotland? Everybody's wearin' a dress there!
Satchel: "Scotland"? YOu meane everybody there is a Scott?
Bucky: That's the way it works, yes.
Satchel: Well... I suppose if everybody has the same name, you look for weird ways to get attention.
Bucky: What?
Satchel: So do all the Marys in Maryland wear pants?
Bucky: Satchel, you're the biggest idiot in the history of ever.
Satchel: Ok, see? I don't need the dress gimmick to be special!
Jun 6, 2011
Small u 201701251613

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