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  1. libsmasher

    libsmasher said, about 6 hours ago

    But will the unwashed low-information liberals be as motivated to vote for a certain body part as they were for a certain skin color?

  2. rjt4004

    rjt4004 said, about 5 hours ago

    And THAT is what I am afraid of.

  3. Ted Lind

    Ted Lind GoComics PRO Member said, about 5 hours ago

    What about the endless mid-east war, mission accomplished, voter suppression laws, and the biggest crash since the great depression? I guess republicans just write that off to a little bad luck.

  4. moderateisntleft

    moderateisntleft said, about 4 hours ago


    Skin color was the basis of your vote. Just like gender seems to be.

  5. sueamarlucan

    sueamarlucan said, about 4 hours ago

    That’s what we are afraid of. Neither ‘candidate’ passes the sniff test.

  6. Mr Blawt

    Mr Blawt said, about 4 hours ago

    Yes Clinton will deal with all of this and more. Just as Obama has. We are in a much better place now, but I do like how you stack up all the GOP cry baby points.

  7. Alberta-oil

    Alberta-oil said, about 4 hours ago

    The alternative being.. rolling back the clock to.. what, 1950’s and starting over?

  8. russnpat7

    russnpat7 said, about 3 hours ago

    EXACTLY what I’m afraid of.

  9. Illegal Seagull

    Illegal Seagull said, about 2 hours ago

    All that’s left is for the Joker to light the fuse.

  10. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 GoComics PRO Member said, about 1 hour ago


    But will the Righteous bad information Cons figure out they have been buffaloed by their Plutocrats they love so much?

  11. DrDon1

    DrDon1 said, about 1 hour ago

    Varvel anxiously awaiting a rerun of GOP’s disastrous policies ?

  12. shakeswilly

    shakeswilly said, about 1 hour ago


    Libsmasher votes purely on merit.
    you know like Trump’s long political experience, in-depth knowledge of foreign affairs, embracing of minorities and strength of character.

  13. LiberalRedneck

    LiberalRedneck said, 21 minutes ago


    No. We will be motivated to stop the Putin loving, tax cheating, Cheeto-faced,ferret wearing sh!tgibbon not a billionaire Fraud from ever getting close to the WH and Nuclear codes.

  14. LiberalRedneck

    LiberalRedneck said, 19 minutes ago


    Exactly. I hate orange! Never met or saw an orange person who wasn’t a complete liar and fraud yet.

  15. twclix

    twclix GoComics PRO Member said, 6 minutes ago


    Ok, one-by-one, Sue.

    Obamacare – conceived of by the American Enterprise Association, implemented as Romneycare in MA, and the only legislation possible given conservative opposition to a single payer system the way the rest of the developed world has.

    Iran nuke deal – We shall see. So far so good. Basic concept, Sue, isn’t it obvious that whenever possible, diplomacy is better than war?

    ISIS JV team – Actually, this was and is true. Their military advances have been reversed, and they are really nothing more than a rag tag bunch of criminals. Compared to, say, the US military? Please. They ARE the JV.

    Terror attacks – Only because of the cocked up mess left by W. Droning doesn’t help, but it’s not as provocative to the Islamic idiots as invasion and occupation. Duh.

    The debt – The debt from the unfounded wars is a good portion of this. But the increase in debt is due to heading off a global depression. I guess you’d rather have the depression.

    Private server – This one is just a stupid distraction. No crimes, no indictments. Some bad judgment, sure, but very minor. Compared to, say, the Iraq invasion, this serve issue is minuscule.

    DNC emails – Sorry, this wasn’t Hillary.

    Benghazi – Right. You show me something Hillary did that was materially wrong. Congress has investigated this to death. Nothing was ever there.

    FBI Probe – Done by a staunch Republican appointed by the even-handed Mr. Obama. Nothing terribly substantive was there.

    TPP – This was heavily favored by free trade republicans as well as democrats.

    Mr. Trump on the other hand, has left a trail of badly run businesses, ex-wives, bankruptcies, stiffed creditors, lawsuits, and has NEVER acted on behalf of anything but his own selfish interests. No, there’s one candidate that not only doesn’t pass the sniff test, but is of such poor character that former republican presidents and the host-state governor won’t even show up to the convention. They are too embarrassed and don’t want to be seen endorsing, or even in the same convention hall as Mr Trump. Talk about not being able to pass the sniff test—Mr. Trump is pretty rotten, and stinks demonstrably far worse than Ms. Clinton.

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