Garfield by Jim Davis


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  1. TEMPLO S.U.D.

    TEMPLO S.U.D. said, 10 months ago

    Is Liz that blind to not see Garfield’s inflated cheeks?

  2. Bruno Zeigerts

    Bruno Zeigerts said, 10 months ago

    Second breakfast? How about elevensies?

  3. RoadTrip3500

    RoadTrip3500 said, 10 months ago

    @TEMPLO S.U.D.

    Liz is also his vet… she knows. (I’m sure if I dated my doctor, she’d be very nice to me until I had to go for my physical…)

  4. Llewellenbruce

    Llewellenbruce said, 10 months ago

    But his stomach isn’t.

  5. bluegirl285

    bluegirl285 said, 10 months ago

    @Wilmette, Illinois

    Or she may need contacts.

  6. William Pursell

    William Pursell GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago

    Aye and neither is his cheeks..he looks like a squirrel that just stuffed his face ….. or a Garf.

  7. Cooncat

    Cooncat said, 10 months ago

    In this case, when they say “Love is Blind” .. given that Liz has fallen for Jon, she may be blind as a bat, and can’t see Garfield’s full ‘chipmunk-like’ cheeks, or his balloon belly.

  8. paboncha

    paboncha GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago

    I’d like to see the 80’s drawing style come back.

  9. Numbnumb

    Numbnumb said, 10 months ago

    When are Jon and Liz going to get married and have kittens?

  10. Chris Sherlock

    Chris Sherlock said, 10 months ago

    Growing up, I had a hamster that stuffed his food in his cheeks. Garfield, in the second and third panels, reminds me a bit of the look my hamster had.

  11. Number Three

    Number Three said, 10 months ago

    That’s our Garf!


  12. katina.cooper

    katina.cooper said, 10 months ago

    Garfield has Liz very well trained.

  13. Karaboo2

    Karaboo2 said, 10 months ago

    Apparently Jon’s dish is empty too.

  14. Say What?

    Say What? said, 10 months ago

    @TEMPLO S.U.D.

    She should be paying attention to Garfield’s inflated stomach.

  15. Tatenda

    Tatenda said, 10 months ago

    @Bruno Zeigerts

    Extra points for the LOTR reference!

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