1. Missing large
    legaleagle48  almost 6 years ago

    She would have, except that she didn’t really have anything to be more forthcoming about. She simply didn’t want to risk Andy saying “No” in response to “Oh, nothing in particular; we’d just like to go there to see what’s what.”

  2. D11s01ep00 wal 01 matt smith
    Doctor11 gc insider almost 6 years ago

    Ironic that her friend just HAPPENS to ask the same question as her mom.

  3. King hic
    Xane_T  almost 6 years ago
    “Well my pimp wants to show me off around town so we thought we’d go up and… Mom? Mom!? It was a joke! MOM!? Call 911!!!”

    Paige’s reaction was enough for a no, but what on earth kind of answer was Andy expecting anyway? She just wants to go hang out, probably to go shopping with all that magic money that she pulls out of… thin air. Teens don’t go to the city to drop off their dry cleaning!

  4. Missing large
    Stephen Gilberg  almost 6 years ago

    Paige, if you have to ask whether you may do something, you invariably need a reason.

  5. Mer rover small 02
    treBsdrawkcaB  almost 6 years ago

    Doctor11 – Her friend is Nicole and her Mom is Andy. … I can’t believe that Andy didn’t see through the wall of flak that Paige threw up. The bigger the defense via angry attack when asked the simplest question, the greater any real parent should suspect that the child already knows that what they’re planning is wrong and knows in advance that the parent would object. Parents are responsible for their children and have every right to know where they are and what they’re doing. You don’t want to have to be told where your child is by the police or the morgue…

  6. Mer rover small 02
    treBsdrawkcaB  almost 6 years ago

    The answer to panel #2 is an emphatic “YES!” followed immediately by “Why don’t you want to tell me?!? Why don’t you want me to know?!? What are you trying to hide?!?. This is proof that you have a guilty conscience already!”.

  7. Bosco
    lutherg1 gc insider almost 6 years ago

    I think the joke is: most 14 year old girls have “all the parts” of a woman except the brain. I remember my 14 year old complaining that she was being treated like a 14 year old.

  8. Tt2
    TheSpanishInquisition  almost 6 years ago

    I’m 14 and my father seldom lets me leave the house alone.

  9. Adhdshirt  324x324   324x324   324x324   167x150
    bossyheifer gc insider almost 6 years ago

    I would think it would depend on the city! Aren’t they supposed to be in a suburb of Chicago?

  10. Album cover
    kfaatz925  almost 6 years ago

    At 14?? Paige, you’re d**n right there’s an interrogation.

  11. Toondoo traitr
    atherworld  almost 6 years ago

    Nobody expects the At 14 Inquisition

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