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Fowl Language

By Brian Gordon
Sep 14, 2016
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Dicky:Guess what?
Missy: what?
Dicky: I love you!
Missy: Ugh. I know.
Missy: You tell mw all the time.
Dicky: Wanna know a secret, though?
Missy: sure
Dicky: I love you
Missy: stop it! you just said that!
Dicky: No way that must've been someone else.
Dicky: But seriously. I have to tell you something.
Missy: Nope
Dicky: C'mon
Missy: Nope
Dicky: Don'tcha wanna know?
Missy:You're just gonna say it again
Dicky: No I won't I promise
Missy: Fine what?
Dicky: I  love you 
Missy: Oh c'mon
Dicky: suck it up kid i'm doing this forever
Sep 19, 2016
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