For Better or For Worse by Lynn Johnston

For Better or For Worse

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  1. howtheduck

    howtheduck said, 8 months ago

    I am going to guess it’s blood pudding and not chocolate pudding.

  2. curmudgeon68

    curmudgeon68 said, 8 months ago


    Nuthin’ wrong with that!

  3. Doctor Toon

    Doctor Toon said, 8 months ago

    My step daughter starts pestering about what’s-the-next-meal almost as soon as she finishes eating, so I’ve come u with some creative answers

    One of my favorites was *Buttcheese Casserole"

  4. djc928

    djc928 said, 8 months ago

    My mom always said, “windballs and air pudding.”

  5. K.C. Fahel

    K.C. Fahel said, 8 months ago

    I’ve gotten my daughters to stop asking “What’s for dinner?” Every time they asked, I give them the same answer: “Food.” If they asked, “What kind of food?” I’d say, “The edible kind.” When they discovered that my answer NEVER changed, they stopped asking.

  6. frugalnotcheap

    frugalnotcheap said, 8 months ago

    It’s only the middle of November and I’m running out of Hot, Homemade, Pop-in-the-Oven, Warm up the House Ideas…

  7. lightenup

    lightenup GoComics PRO Member said, 8 months ago

    @Doctor Toon

    I make up things like, “Dragon Tails” and “Unicorn Boogers”.

  8. IndyMan

    IndyMan said, 8 months ago

    One that always worked with our daughters was: Why don’t you hang around and help us make it and then you will know !
    They left the house running !!!

  9. goweeder

    goweeder GoComics PRO Member said, 8 months ago

    I cooked up a lb of ground beef, 3 chopped cooked potatoes and 3 sliced onions — stirred it all together in a big skillet for a while. When they asked what we were having, I said “garbage.”
    It’s still their favorite dish!

  10. Respectful Troll

    Respectful Troll said, 8 months ago

    the way I heard it was, “Wait and see, Puddin’.”

  11. gmforde

    gmforde said, 8 months ago

    I had a bad habit of asking mom what was for dinner. She cured it by making me help her cook. lol

  12. summerdog

    summerdog said, 8 months ago

    You can put a fancy name on it, but it’s still yuck!

  13. dsom8

    dsom8 said, 8 months ago

    @K.C. Fahel

    Our answers were “Food” and “Good Food.” They stopped asking so long ago I needed your post to remind me.

  14. Gokie5

    Gokie5 said, 8 months ago

    My mom used to say, “Layovers to catch meddlers!”
    Sometimes, like K. C. Fahel, I do this with the askers:
    “What’s for dinner?”
    “What kind of food?”
    “Eatin’ food!”
    But I like that “Come help me fix it and you’ll see!” thing.

  15. Macushlalondra

    Macushlalondra said, 8 months ago

    @K.C. Fahel

    My mother did the same thing. Usually it meant she didn’t know herself yet what she planned to make, otherwise she’d tell us, only she’d say, “I’m having…” and I wondered why she worded it that way. Then I’d say, “What are the rest of us having?”

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