FoxTrot en Español by Bill Amend

FoxTrot en Español

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  1. Arye Uygur

    Arye Uygur said, over 3 years ago

    REX MORGAN: Whew! Milton is really serious about keeping his medical appointment.

    MARY WORTH: Beth has caught on to her mother – she didn’t tell her that she met Tom. Smart move!

    APT3G; The governor is honest: he’s more interested in LuAnn than in her gallery; unuaual for a politician.

    @Florchi, thank you so much for the compliment about my starting off the serialized comics every morning. Sorry I haven’t been reading JP. 30 years ago I loved reading JP because of the characters repartee (I don’t know if the characters still have that repartee). When JP was missing for a few days, I called up the NY Daily News to complain. I was told that I could understand the gist of the plot even if it wasn’t published daily. I’m sorry I didn’t say that it was the repartee that I missed.

    I used to love Mark Trail as a kid in the 50s and of course, I love nature. I used to to read his Sunday “nature lessons” religiously. But the plot several years ago, in which a villian bore a tiny hole in his canoe so he could fake his death, turned me off. When I was a kid I loved that “heh, heh heh, this will fool everyone,” but I’ve outgrown these childish schemes.

  2. Florchi

    Florchi said, over 3 years ago

    REX MORGAN: I wonder what the Request for Proposal (Turkish bid) is all about? We may never find out, depending how things go for Milton re his health….
    PHANTOM: Looks like the 707 is rolling and going to take off…someone at jsonline commented that P. should have shot out the tires on the nose gear.
    MARK TRAIL: With a broken foot, Wes isn’t going to be up to a lot of hiking.
    JUDGE PARKER: I have been enjoying the scriptwriting (Alan), upcoming wedding in Mexico (Randy & April), and investment in water purification (Thalia/Neddy) storylines…but things sure do keep jumping around (today – Sam & Sophie).
    FUNKY W: Oh-oh. Has Darrin’s bio-dad just come back to Westview “for keeps”? This appears to be the guy we saw drinking beer and watching the tv story about Les’ scriptwriting for the Lisa’s Story movie.

  3. davidf42

    davidf42 said, over 3 years ago

    Judge Parker – I’m sure all these story lines will be tied together someday.
    Mark Trail – They’re lucky to be alive after a crash like that.
    Rex Morgan – I think the prominence of the wedding band in Panel 3 is significant.

  4. marvee

    marvee GoComics PRO Member said, over 3 years ago

    Rex – What day is it – Friday? Milton may not make it to Monday. He’s sweating profusely. He’s too “buttoned-down”, needs to loosen that tie.
    Judge Parker – I agree there have been some interesting plots including the New York trip, talking down a suicide, Avery and the fly-fishing/marijuana resort. Presently, there’s the Mexico wedding cruise and the water purification, but why do they have to take so looong?
    Mary Worth – Beth is going to begin lying to her mother.
    A3G – LuAnn is wearing the same thing she wore to the fancy party. We haven’t seen Tommie in a while.
    Phantom – The pilot was regretting being mixed up in this and now he’s out of there.
    Mandrake – Jockomo must have gone back to his century. Surely, this guy can drive the car.
    Funky – "I hope nothing goes wrong* – definitel a bad omen. Almost certainly, the man at the hotel is Darrin’s bio-dad. But what can he gain from coming back? There’s no way he can take any credit in Lisa’s life story.

  5. Florchi

    Florchi said, over 3 years ago

    @Arye – I was expressing appreciation for your comments on two of the three strips created by the late the late Dr. Nicholas P. Dallis (REX & 3-G) + MARY. I wasn’t suggesting you should comment on more of the FTE strips – we all choose which ones we wish to read/comment upon. :-)
    @david – interesting catch re the wedding ring.
    @marvee – I agree (she will begin lying in the interest of self-preservation).

  6. woodworker318

    woodworker318 said, over 3 years ago

    Phantom: Is P going to stop the 707 somehow? There is no cargo onboard.
    Mary Worth: Where do Beth and her mother get the money to live on? Is it from the book she wrote or does she still have a job? Yes, she is being smart not telling her mother everything.
    How is she going to get to go to Tom’s place to show him how to cook?
    Rex Morgan: This is still Friday so Milton may not make it through the weekend but end up in the hospital.
    Mark Trail: How far down the mountain do they have to go to get any help?

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