Dude and Dude by Keith Poletiek

Dude and Dude

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  1. Commentator

    Commentator said, over 1 year ago

    I guess the Beatles not being all that isn’t a secret anymore.

  2. simpsonfan2

    simpsonfan2 said, over 1 year ago

    End all this hate on Ringo.

  3. WallyBeaumont

    WallyBeaumont said, over 1 year ago

    Saw Ringo’s All Star Band show a couple of years ago. It was great. Edgar Winters. Good show.

  4. swr

    swr said, over 1 year ago

    Could be worse, you could have to sit between Keith Richards and Mick Jagger at thanksgiving. If that doesn’t turn you stomic nothing will.

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