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Cul de Sac

By Richard Thompson
Aug 3, 2013
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Petey: All the pool chairs had crud on them this time.  Mom: Then why didnt you get in the pool, Petey?  Petey: Chlorine makes my skin shrink.  Alice: Oh, jeez, Petey. Alice don't drag your towel.  Ernesto: Hello, Peter.  Petey: Mom! ITs the kid who's even weirder than me!  Mom: Why don't you introduce your little friend?  Petey: He's, um-  Ernesto: Ernesto Lacuna, Mrs. Otterloop. Delighted to meet you!  Mom: Would you like to join us for dinner, Ernesto? Five bean salad and hot dogs?  Ernesto: Alas, I have a food allergy that manifests itself as a mild form of lycanthropy, so I must decline. Another time perhaps?  Petey: You could see him too? I thought he might be imaginary.   Mom: he's much too polite to be imaginary. Alice! Stop dragging your towel!  Alice: Boy, none of my imaginary friends wear two sweaters at the same time.
Aug 5, 2013
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