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Cul de Sac

By Richard Thompson
Aug 18, 2012
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Mom: How about this bookbag, Petey? Petey: I like my old one. Mom: Your old one is falling apart. Mom: This bag is made of ultra-light waterproof 1,000 denier polyester. It was tested in the Himalayas! Petey: I don't like it. Mom: It says they successfully hauled the complete works of Charles Dickens up Mount Everest in one of those bags! Mom: And its got a built in parachute! Petey: I don't- wait what? Mom: This ring opens the chute. Petey: This? Alice: BANG Petey: GAH! Petey: MOM Mom: This bag is fine. Petey: Mom is a dangerous lunatic. Alice: No she's not. She's getting me this lunchbox that makes its own cheese sandwiches by magic!
Aug 20, 2012
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