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Cul de Sac

By Richard Thompson
Nov 24, 2007
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Alice: Petey, what're those? Petey: They're "comic strips," examples of a mighty, yet dying art form. Alice: Read this one to me. Petey: Well, see that cat says - Alice: Is he happy or sad? Petey: I don't know yet. Alice: I think he's sad. Petey: Okay. He says - Alice: He's sad because the last cat here is eating pie. Petey: No! He - Alice: Yes he is! He hates the cat in the last box on the end! If he wasn't in a box too, he'd go beat up that cat and take his pie! Petey: ALICE! It's all the same cat! See? They're all him! Alice: Actually, I think he's a girl cat. Petey: Maybe it's just as well comic strips are a dying art form.
Nov 26, 2007
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