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  1. DavyJones

    DavyJones GoComics PRO Member said, 1 day ago

    Strips will be posted here through November. After that, I will move to my own website. Follow me at
    I am going to work even harder for my readers over the next couple of years. I hope then to be in enough papers so I can afford to come back to Sherpa.
    Right now, I need the funds for comic cons and the development of my own website. After six years I am not where I wished to be with Charmy’s Army here on Sherpa. Success is a hard nut to crack.
    I will have a treasury ready soon. If I cannot get a publisher to pick it up, it will be available digitally somewhere.
    Bookmark now so you can stay up to date.
    It has been a fun ride but I need to explore new horizons with Charmy… expensive horizons. If I can afford it again sooner than later, I will return. For now though, I need the funds for my own self-syndication plans.
    I will succeed, with or without a syndicate. I promise you that.
    - Davy

  2. yless

    yless said, 1 day ago

    You are one of the most tenacious people I have ever seen! Just for that you deserve success, but you are very talented too, I hope you comeback here, I understand if you don’t. Gocomics is very strange in their selection of comics that gets out of Sherpa to the main page, so many comics less deserving than yours have made it (The Comic Strip That Has A Finale Every Day?!!!). I will be following you on your site. Good luck, and continue with your inspiring attitude!

  3. Kristiaan

    Kristiaan GoComics PRO Member said, about 24 hours ago

    I’m starting to wonder if GoComics really sees Sherpa as a stepping stone towards the main page, and not just an opportunity for artists to receive feedback from an online audience (which is more difficult on a dedicated website) ?

  4. Donnie Pitchford

    Donnie Pitchford GoComics PRO Member said, about 23 hours ago

    Best wishes to you in your quest! I am always impressed with your work and your efforts in promotion. I am unable to do all you do, with conventions, etc. and I salute you!

  5. DavyJones

    DavyJones GoComics PRO Member said, about 21 hours ago


    Thanks Yless. With the new site, I will be able to offer original art for sale… prints for sale… commissions for sale…. I will be able to make some cash. :)… instead of spending it on Sherpa. I have just outgrown this place.

  6. DavyJones

    DavyJones GoComics PRO Member said, about 21 hours ago


    I hear ya. I need to look more professional to newspapers as I seek to self syndicate myself. I plan on spending a ton of money on my new website. Gotta cut things out like Sherpa and a few comic con appearances for 2017 in order to flip the bill.
    The new site will have online feedback and much, much more.

  7. DavyJones

    DavyJones GoComics PRO Member said, about 21 hours ago

    @Donnie Pitchford

    Thanks but it is taking its toll. I am nowhere more near success than I was 5 years ago. Back then I was in one paper (which folded) and I averaged 9 comments per post on Sherpa.
    Today I average 1 comment on Sherpa and I am back in one newspaper…
    Feel like I run forward only to discover I am sliding downhill at the same time.
    Not sure if I can keep this pace up unless I begin seeing success soon.
    The last three weeks have been very tough. I will never quit, but I gotta have something big happen soon. Just one more newspaper would be an amazing pick-me-up.

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