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  1. BrassOrchid

    BrassOrchid GoComics PRO Member said, 5 months ago

    Another pointless billboard masquerading as a reason for business to continue as usual along the same divided highway while No Sleep Til Brooklyn plays on a loop.

  2. Jase99

    Jase99 said, 5 months ago


    I agree. It’s utterly pointless to point out that the whole contrived controversy over Bergdahl’s release is bulls**t. The pundits and politicians expressing outrage know it’s bulls**t, but their base believe it’s real and they need to use it to score political points against Obama.

  3. masterskrain

    masterskrain GoComics PRO Member said, 5 months ago

    This pretty much sums it up VERY accurately!
    Except for Issa, he doesn’t HAVE a clue…

  4. denis1112

    denis1112 said, 5 months ago


    Obama does a fair job of scoring points against himself. He doesn’t need that much help.Not thinking through a Taliban prisoner exchange for someone who walked away from his platoon in a combat zone doesn’t help.Maybe they should have followed the existing law?
    Of course since Bergdahl is considered a deserter by members of his platoon ,that would make him a hero to the dems.

  5. Kip W

    Kip W said, 5 months ago

    Republicans were clamoring for this exact exchange before they were against it.

  6. prfesser

    prfesser said, 5 months ago

    If Bergdahl was ever “officially” considered a deserter, there would be the requisite documents to reflect that fact. Just because some people who served in his unit “believe” he was a deserter doesn’t prove squat.
    Still, I am not sure I support the practice of dealing with terrorists, particularly returning five proven hostile combatants for one malcontent. (That he was unhappy with his assignment to Afghanistan is documented in his letters to home.)
    But what’s done is done. The swap cannot be undone. Bergdahl has suffered for five years, and until the military gives its final, official, accounting of events, people should reserve judgment. But they won’t.

  7. notsooldguy

    notsooldguy said, 5 months ago

    As a lifelong Republican, let me state that the current Republican leadership makes me sick and embarrassed!

  8. masterskrain

    masterskrain GoComics PRO Member said, 5 months ago

    @Kip W

    Yes, but ONLY if the President was a Republican!
    If a Democrat did it, it’s just AWFUL!!

  9. masterskrain

    masterskrain GoComics PRO Member said, 5 months ago


    Then I guess you REALLY don’t want to see what’s happening in Texas…

  10. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, 5 months ago

    A political Rorschach test. Well done.

  11. old1953

    old1953 said, 5 months ago

    Only in America could a group calling themselves “Moral Majority” claim it is wrong to arrange an exchange of prisoners of war.

  12. old1953

    old1953 said, 5 months ago


    Yeah, just like the Dems all voted against the Iraq War – Oh, they didn’t. Well, like they all voted to have strict gun control – Oh, they didn’t. Well, like they voted to raise taxes on the wealthy to the rates Ronald Reagan thought were appropriate – Oh, no, they didn’t. Well maybe like the way they voted against the Republicans to end the Patriot Act – Oh, no, they didn’t. Gee, what in the WORLD did you base that on anyhow, Faux Snooze editorials? Or maybe an overdose of Glenn Beck?

  13. BrassOrchid

    BrassOrchid GoComics PRO Member said, 5 months ago


    Well, sure.
    But that’s just one side of the highway.
    The other side is that same stuff, but going the other way.
    The whole situation is contrived.
    Politics is the art of convincing people that their personal health, welfare and happiness are subordinate to the needs of the state.
    We get the Patriot Act and ban incandescent light bulbs, so half the nation cheers while the other half boos.
    Show me a political cause that actually solved a problem or made life better for anybody without the need to create more problems and deny liberty at the same time.
    In the end, the government has all the power and the people are helpless cattle, because that’s what they allowed while they were fighting among themselves and taking strong political action to punish their enemies, their friends and neighbors.
    It’s a pretty sick joke.
    I’m surprised more people aren’t laughing.

  14. Jase99

    Jase99 said, 5 months ago


    “Would you feel same way if Obama was a Republican and not a Democrat?”

    I’m not a Democrat and didn’t vote for Obama in either election. I’d feel the same way if Bush were still in Office and the Democrats expressed the same fake outrage over Bergdahl that the Republicans are expressing now.

  15. churchillwasright

    churchillwasright said, 5 months ago


    Contact Diane Feinstein’s office. She seems pretty pissed.

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