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  1. Bruno Zeigerts

    Bruno Zeigerts said, about 21 hours ago

    ‘You do not want to know what Ren and Stimpy did to Mister Rogers!’

  2. Brockie

    Brockie said, about 15 hours ago

    Hussle in the bustle, just plain wicked but nice.

  3. sandflea

    sandflea said, about 13 hours ago

    “If there’s a pipe bomb in your bustle, don’t be alarmed now,
    It’s just a spring clean for the May queen……………….”.
    with apologies to Led Zepplin

  4. Strod

    Strod said, about 11 hours ago


    Ok, that was awesome!

  5. Christopher Vickers

    Christopher Vickers GoComics PRO Member said, about 11 hours ago

    I don’t think Beavis and Butthead, much like The Simpsons, South Park and even Ren and Stimpy, was ever intended to be a children’s show, even though it was a cartoon.

  6. fleebell

    fleebell said, about 10 hours ago

    @Bruno Zeigerts

    Which could have been a big mistake on their part. Mr. Rogers was a bad dude! I wouldn’t want to cross him!

  7. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 GoComics PRO Member said, about 9 hours ago

    I wonder what Daria would say about this? She was on B & B till she got her own show for six years and a movie ending.

  8. HAL69

    HAL69 said, about 9 hours ago

    Uh oh.
    Outland’s Mortimer might shuffle out and give ‘em Beavis and Butthead truants a good whuppin’ with a 2×4 if this keeps up.

    Heh, I chuckle when I see Piglet and Mary Poppins here, and I connect them to John Fiedler and Julie Andrews, respectively

  9. Shimmery Mermaid

    Shimmery Mermaid said, about 8 hours ago

    … that WOULD put the hustle in your bustle!

    (this story may have a #HappyEnding yet, tho … the question is, how WILL Prince Charming track down Mary Poppins, to return her one forgotten ‘slipper’?)

    … I don’t think her umbrella is GPS equipped, is it?

    happily sighs … love will find a way, it always does.

  10. Sisyphos

    Sisyphos said, about 6 hours ago

    Yesterday, Pooh. Today, Piglet.

    Mr. Breathed, this is intolerable. I will represent the interests of the legacy of A.A. Milne in seeking rectification of this assault on cherished iconic characters.
    On the other hand, Mary Poppins deserves her fate. She was just way too sugary….

  11. fredsnake

    fredsnake said, about 6 hours ago

    @Christopher Vickers, Have you ever seen any of the original Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons and their brethren (Aesop’s Fables, Peabody and Sherman, Fractured Fairy Tales)? A LOT of those jokes and stories wouldn’t get past todays censors. Some of their stuff would make Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) and Matt Groening (Simpsons) blush, and they helped inspire them.

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