Mar 8, 2014
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Teddy: What's THIS all about?

Nate: No clue.

Chad: Nate! Quick! What's your locker number?

Nate: uh... 217

Bully: Come back here! NOW!

Bully: Going inside won't HELP, butterball! You can run, but you can't HIDE!"

Bully: You're dead MEAT! 

Chad: Hold it! Let's talk this out! Let's make a deal!

Bully: A deal? 

Chad: If you don't beat me up, I'll give you... uh... a PRIZE!

Chad: It's... *koff* right here in my locker!

Nate: I might have to start charging a user's fee.

Chad: For dead meat, I feel surprisingly good!
Mar 10, 2014
Small u 201701251613

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