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Big Nate

By Lincoln Peirce
Feb 8, 2014
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Nate: "Nice pass, Chad! You're improving!"

Bully: "What's up, scrub?"

Nate: "Uh... Hi."

Bully: "Can I have your puck?"

Nate: "Can you HAVE it?"

Bully: " I lost mine. It flew into a snowbank."

Nate: "Yeah, well... This is our only puck."

Bully: "Tough. I need a puck."

Nate: "Find your OWN, then!"

Bully: "That's what I'm DOING, stupid! GIVE it!"

Nate: "NO! We're not giving you ANYTHING!"

Chad: "Except a cross check to the back!"

Nate: "I have taught you well, young Jedi!"
Feb 10, 2014
Small u 201701251613

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