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Big Nate

By Lincoln Peirce
Mar 2, 2013
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What are you watching? 

The news.

If I want to see Wink Summers, my favorite TV meteorologist, I've got to watch him on WEEKENDS!

How come?

Because he got DEMOTED, that's how come!

They pushed him from prime time on weeknights to the weekend! From the penthouse to the outhouse!

I mean, that's HUMILIATING! You can't get much lower than THAT!

...and now it's time for a NEW feature here on Channel 12 Action News: we call it "PETS DO THE WACKIEST THINGS"!

Joining us with the zany story of a very unusual cat is our own WINK SUMMERS! Wink?

Thanks, Sandra! 

You know, MOST cats don't enjoy skydiving...

You were saying?

Poor wink.
Mar 4, 2013
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