Jun 19, 2004
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"Amanda won 'most popular.'"
 "What?  Oh, come on!  She is so stuck-up!"
 "Gina won 'brainiest.'"
 "What?  She's not brainy, she just spends her time memorizing useless facts!"
 "Anthony is 'most athletic.'"
 "What?  Who decided that?  Anthony's spaz!"
 "Sharon is 'cutest.'"
 "What?  Her face is a total zit farm!"
 "...And Zack is 'funniest.'"
 "What?  Oh give me a break!  I'm much funnier than Zack!"
 "Where am I on that list?  If all these other people won awards, I must have won something!"
 "Ummmm... Yup, you're right here.  You did win something."
 "What?  What?"
Jun 21, 2004
Small u 201701251613

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