Aug 31, 2002
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NATE: siiighh...

BIFF: Greetings, friends! Ace reporter Biff Biffwell here, speaking with local middle school PS 38!

PS: T'sup, Biff?

BIFF: I must say, PS, you're looking fabulous!

PS: I'll admit it, I'm feeling pretty good. That's what summer vacation does for you. It really recharges the ol' batteries. Unfortunately, though, it doesn't last.
 When the school year begins, my good health disappears! It's like a virus infecting my classrooms and hallways!
BIFF: Those kids are tough on you, eh?
PS: No, no! The kids are great! The kids help me keep young! When I said "virus" what I meant was...oop! Heads up.

BIFF: Say no more, big guy.

PS: I don't feel so well...
Sep 2, 2002
Small u 201701251613

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