Barney & Clyde by Gene Weingarten, Dan Weingarten & David Clark

Barney & Clyde

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  1. Arye Uygur

    Arye Uygur said, almost 4 years ago

    Don’t these people ever get any work done?

  2. Randy_B

    Randy_B GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago

    Sophisticated? Not so much.
    From Wikipedia:
    “In fiction, a MacGuffin (sometimes McGuffin or maguffin) is a plot device in the form of some goal, desired object, or other motivator that the protagonist (and sometimes the antagonist) is willing to do and sacrifice almost anything to pursue, often with little or no narrative explanation as to why it is considered so desirable. A MacGuffin, therefore, functions merely as “a plot element that catches the viewers’ attention or drives the plot of a work of fiction”. In fact, the specific nature of the MacGuffin may be ambiguous, undefined, generic, left open to interpretation or otherwise completely unimportant to the plot. Common examples are money, victory, glory, survival, a source of power, a potential threat, a mysterious but highly desired item or object, or simply something that is entirely unexplained. The MacGuffin is common in films, especially thrillers. Usually the MacGuffin is the central focus of the film in the first act, and then declines in importance as the struggles and motivations of characters play out. It may come back into play at the climax of the story, but sometimes the MacGuffin is actually forgotten by the end of the story."

  3. finale

    finale said, almost 4 years ago


    Red Herring?

  4. sdjamieson

    sdjamieson said, almost 4 years ago

    Actually, that’s a pretty good joke!

  5. fritzoid

    fritzoid GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago

    This strip was probably drawn more than three weeks ago so it’s probably a coincidence, but Ruben Bolling did a more elaborate version of this same joke in the 10/19/12 “Tom the Dancing Bug.”

  6. Lynnskay

    Lynnskay GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago

    But then, again, you are not the only one here…
    Thank you Randy_B

  7. Tom Flapwell

    Tom Flapwell said, almost 4 years ago

    I’ve heard the joke before. In a conversation about the meaning and origin of “MacGuffin,” so everyone got it.

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