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Angry Little Girls

By Lela Lee
Aug 8, 2011
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I'm confused. 
Are you on drugs? 
A quick guide to characters appearing in Angry Little Girls. 

Kim, the angry little asian girl is true to her moniker. She's one short-tempered little girl! Grrr!!!

Deborah the disenchanted princess. She's a girl who has it all, beauty, clothes, great hair, but she's never happy! 

Maria, the crazy little latina. She's quite loopy. She doesn't look at the world, she looks inside it! She one super kooky kid! 

Wanda, the fresh little soul sistah, because we all need a friend who's well adjusted and positive. (secretly we hate people like her!) 

Xyla (pronounced Zy-la) is the gloomy girl. She's full of doom and gloom. It's like a dark cloud of rain follows her...
Aug 15, 2011
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