Andy Capp by Reg Smythe

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  1. Chalkie  j   

    Chalkie  j    said, over 3 years ago

    Barking Back @
    Daddy Guido “Don’t Live in that NYC no mo” Murrah,
    . . . witch was several aborted Pumpkin Launches [sic] ago
    Oh Dear; haven’t been to Western B.C. yet [oh my] [shudder] ? Well, remember in Kids in the Hall, where the Guy was “squeezing Their Head”? Next time You throw out a xmas tree, haul it an hour/so West, get reeeeeal close, and look at the horizon. sorta like that, only smellier. maybe. Oh, and Salmon roam the kiwi blue FJords; looking for Kodiak Polar Bears to jump into their waiting teeth/paws. And wild stuff; barky. barky Sasquatch too; or mossy for sure. no lack of northern exposure there, for sure! definitely maybe. Sasquatch, not the wonderful part. Well them too. gotta be more than one. Wet, Green and Barky the part You missed; not just big, bad, and beyond. B.C. now but you knew that?

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