Jul 20, 2013
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john: the climate change started by that volcanic eruption killed crops in china, india, russia, the united states, and europe.
john: there was brown snow in spain, and red snow in italy, colored by volcanic ash!
john: but possibly the country hit hardest by the effects of the climate change was landlocked switzerland, where it rained incessantly the summer of 1816.
doc: i'm surprised i'd never heard of the "year without summer"! it sounds disastrous, but what can i do about it?
john: on behalf of the department of climate studies, i want to hire you to make one of your time-travel trips to the swiss alps in the summer of 1816!
doc: well, uh...
john: please say yes, doc!
john: the data you could collect on this device on such a journey would be of immeasurable value to our current-day climate studies!
doc: well...if my trip could really make a contribution to your research...all right! i'll go!
Jul 22, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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