May 11, 2013
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doowee: i worry that this prisoner was denied due process of law here!
guz: are we even speaking th' same language?
doowee: could we please just go together to see how the prisoner is doing?
guz: okay, if it'll get you off my back! come on!
doowee: wonderful! and we can visit about him on the way!
guz: i can't wait!
narrator: meanwhile, at the pit...
oop: say, since the prisoner situations under control, if you'd like a break, i'll watch him for a while!
guard: really?! i am gettin' kinda tired!
wizer: oop. is that you?
oop: shhhhhh!! quiet, wizer! wait 'til the coast is clear!
wizer: oop, are you here to rescue me?
oop: are you kidding me? after what you rulled with those dinosaurs?!
oop: you deserve to sit down there an' stew for a while! i just came to stand between you an' guz t'make sure he doesn't kill you!
May 13, 2013
Small u 201701251613