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By Rob Harrell
Oct 20, 2012
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Clayton:  What's election season?
Adam:  Some people think it's when two separate candidates try to win political office.  Others say it's two people trying to make the other person look worse than them so they can control the power.  Still others say it's the battle of two people whose egos are just big enough to think they can change the world.  Then there's me.
Clayton:  And what do you say?
Adam:  I say, vote for what you believe in, not the potentially delusional personality who's set to lead that party.
Clayton:  What do you believe in?
Adam:  I believe in good coffee, fair taxes, family values, that Phineas is nothing without Ferb, and John Oates was the mastermind behind Hall & Oates.  And coincidentally, that platform was what got Winston Churchill elected.
Clayton:  Balderdash!
Oct 22, 2012
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