Working Daze by John Zakour and Scott Roberts for February 03, 2023

  1. Missing large
    Grandma Lea  8 months ago

    I thought junior VP started as overpaid potatoes?

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  2. Mm wp001
    allen@home  8 months ago

    Dana maybe in the next meeting you can make it to fifteen minutes.

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  3. Airhornmissc
    Liverlips McCracken Premium Member 8 months ago

    Yes, but – - – - could anyone tell the difference?

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  4. Captain smokeblower
    poppacapsmokeblower  8 months ago

    The perfect crime: turn the victim into a potato, make French fries of the potato, and serve the fries to people.

    There’s an old story about an abused wife who clubbed her husband to death with a frozen leg of lamb, put the lamb in the oven, went shopping, returned home, found her dead husband, called police who searched the home for the club that killed her husband, didn’t find it, and as they were getting ready to leave the oven dinged signaling the roast was done. So the newly widowed woman invited the officers to share the lamb she’d prepared for her husband.

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  5. 250
    ladykat  8 months ago

    Good for you, Dana!

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  6. Missing large
    goboboyd  8 months ago

    There was already too many unhealthy carbs in the room. From the muffins, but go with what you were first thinking.

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  7. Photo
    MartinPerry1  8 months ago

    The data seems to show this. Get rid of management and productivity will soar.

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  8. Donna
    stillfickled Premium Member 8 months ago

    I need to increase my patience.

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