ViewsMidEast by Cartoon Movement-US for July 10, 2008

  1. Buddy
    lalas  almost 16 years ago

    When exactly did they invite us in to ‘liberate’ them?

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  2. Missing both thumbs
    T1nd0g  almost 16 years ago

    Well, we “freed” the souls of some 1,236,604 odd Iraqi Civilians many of which were Women and children, Liberating them from their mortal coil utilizing illegal shake and bake bombing procedures knows to be classified as WMDs. At more then the cost of buying each and every American a new electric car… So… I guess….

    StewieZ is right and we are wrong.

    Go petroleum products!!!! Now why don’t you shut up lalas and pass the koolaid?!?!??!11~

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