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    Sojourner  6 months ago

    Hmm…Al Gore’s dire prediction about Arctic Ice disappearing and the earth being in dire straits by 2014 or so never materialized. Greenland isn’t losing ice and snow; in fact, it’s increasing. Earth’s temperatures aren’t continually rising; in fact, they’ve dropped. This isn’t the hottest the climate of the earth has ever been; in fact, it’s been several degrees warmer in millennia past. Is the climate changing? Of course! It’s been changing for millennia, including during humankind’s existence. We adjusted. It changed. We adjusted again. It changed again. The difference is, now there’s PROFITS to be made off of fear-mongering about “Climate Change”. Ought we human beings to change our habits, give up our addiction to products of convenience, stop overfishing the oceans and cramming them full of plastics, which is starving and killing its creatures plus has the potential to actually alter the climate-producing ocean currents? YES. Ought we to be planting more trees to offset CO2? YES. Ought we to fall prey to the hype of “Green Energy”, which actually increases pollution? NO. Wake the hell up, stop swallowing the propaganda without tasting it, and do more research of sources independent from government minions for yourself. As for the Papacy, they’ve been diligently working for the NWO. This Pope’s 2015 Laudato Si is only one piece of evidence. His fear-mongering about “Climate Change” is more evidence. His Human Fraternity, which never mentions Jesus at all, cementing Papal control over all religions, has been virtually ignored by the average person. SMH

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    Kracklin Rosie - “Tolo Dan Nan Galad” Premium Member 6 months ago

    There are more trees in America than ever since the end of over logging. I profoundly disagree that we should be reducing CO2. We are at a geological low point of CO2 and dangerously close to 200ppm where plant life will begin to die off. If anything we should grateful it’s increasing and should hope that it eventually reaches about 1200ppm. The small warming effect would extend the growing season and the increased CO2 would be beneficial to crops and plant life in general.

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    Super Fly  6 months ago

    I disagree.

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