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  1. Large don quixote 1955
    OmqR-2.0  over 8 years ago
    Escape to France? Not quite. Sarkozy was head cheer-leader for NATO intervention. He’d be arrested and handed over to the ICJ immediately. Gaddafi might find refuge in a few African countries he used to patronage (i.e buy off) and earlier I suggested he might even attempt SA (“the Nelson in Cape Town”) but now I doubt that , too. While President Zuma and many ANC members of the SA government may be partial towards Gaddafi (extensive support of the ANC during the Apartheid era, with even Mandela praising Gaddafi’s support at one stage), many South Africans wouldn’t be too happy. Arab states aren’t none too happy either, even Algeria after receiving most of his family. So, I’d still wager a North African state as a bolt hole; but one he hasn’t manage to piss off when he armed & supported one of their minorities or rebels (I’m thinking of Touaregs in particular), so that rules out Mali & Niger? Hmmm, they still benefited from his largess. meh

    As a side-note to the ‘toon. It’s sad that a cartoonist has to resort to such a detailed explanation for his cartoon.

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