ViewsAsia by Cartoon Movement-US for November 08, 2009

  1. Windmill w tulips haarlem netherlands 383092
    a.c.d  over 14 years ago

    Um, no Scott, this is about Karzai commiting voter fraud. The red pencil is the pencil we Dutch use when voting. This is meant to be a wind up toy that marks lots of ballots showing that Karzai stuffed ballot boxes and that the fraud is spilling all over Obama making him look bad. We Dutch love Obama because he, unlike W/Cheney, knows how to run a country, too bad that half of America is too stupid to see it.

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  2. Images
    Buzzy-One  over 14 years ago

    ^ Another know nothing all hung up over teleprompters. Give ANandy a big hug scotty.

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