ViewsAmerica by Cartoon Movement-US for March 28, 2010

  1. Bit closeupbw2
    Ralph Drake  about 14 years ago

    A smart bleeep is always better than a dumb elephant.

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  2. Exploding human fat bombs hedge 060110
    Charles Brobst Premium Member about 14 years ago

    Donkey! Donkey! That beast which does all the work, as opposed to the elephant which stand around and gets fat and whose name should be the cuss word!

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  3. Turte18df
    toasteroven  about 14 years ago

    I’m more worried about the way Obama seems to have hollowed out its insides. And cut it in half. Poor animal.

    Also I’m not sure what this is supposed to mean.

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  4. Missing large
    funnyman426 Premium Member about 14 years ago

    Fits our fearless bankrupter.

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  5. Missing large
    Gadamwon  about 14 years ago

    It’s a terrible testiment of our time.

    We have our president depicted as immerging from the rear end and not the head of a donkey (democratic symbol) that has a picture of defication under its tail.

    I am not a supporter of Obama, his crew and Obamaism, but this irreverant depiction of our president only will lead to futher minimising the role and the stature of the presidency.

    Obama needs to listen to the country and not his Cicago cronies to gain respect from the people who put him in office.

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  6. Rainbow fairy
    autumnfire1957  about 14 years ago

    Well if he’s the ass? Who’s the Head?

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  7. Missing large
    timturtl  about 14 years ago

    and that nice Jewish guy he rode into Jerusalem on a nice fat Circus Maximus Pachyderm …

    I actually see it as the embodiment of the Strenght and force driving the ‘too thinking’ leadership of the Party Politic and the country …

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  8. 080316 russian policeman plays trombone in st patrick s day moscow parade
    canpot  about 14 years ago

    You sure that’s not a Trojan horse?

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  9. Turte18df
    toasteroven  about 14 years ago

    Hey, Obamessiah. Do you ever get tired of your little shtick? Do you ever find yourself staring into a mirror, thinking “I’m such a fraud. This is so empty”?

    It’s ok to admit that you do. We… understand. It’s the way we all feel about you.

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  10. Wombat wideweb  470x276 0
    4uk4ata  about 14 years ago

    He’ll have a new favourite copy pasta post next week.

    @ Joe: whoever it was, the donkey had been acting rather clueless in the last year or so.

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