Steve Kelley for December 07, 2023

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    cdward  4 months ago

    Remember, it’s only Republicans who aren’t held responsible for their misdeeds.

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    DC Swamp  4 months ago

    Yep, you can take bribes from the Egyptian government and nothing will happen.

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    rs0204 Premium Member 4 months ago

    No, Timmy. If you claim to be a Democrat, then you will be held accountable for your actions. You will be asked to resign for your misdeeds. If you are looking for a free pass, then be a Republican. They may even nominate you for President if you’ve been naughty enough.

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  4. Missing large
    nodjt  4 months ago

    Skelly thinks that if he makes enough lies about dems, then people will ignore the repug crimes.

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  5. Bald eagle portrait
    Kilrwat Premium Member 4 months ago

    The projection here is so massive.

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    The Nodding Head  4 months ago

    If I tell him I’m a Republican, do you think he’ll deliver retribution and exterminate all the vermin who dare defy my beloved dictator?

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  7. Picture
    Ontman  4 months ago

    Yup. This sounds like Kelley celebrating the season of goodwill.

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    Al Fresco  4 months ago

    Joe will get his comeuppance soon. Not enough votes to convict but maybe enough to impeach. Then let the House democrats excuse away on national television the activities of the Big Guy. They did it to Trump over 2 impeachments and 91 penny ante charges. Not so sweet but necessary.

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  9. Download
    artegal  4 months ago

    Only if he’s the media.

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  10. Kernel
    Diane Lee Premium Member 4 months ago

    As soon as they come up with some evidence, I’ll want Joe Biden impeached and or indicted just as much as Trump— for anything he has done personally— relatives who were never elected to anything get their own day in court with whatever proof is available against them. No special treatment for anyone.

    However, so far there is no evidence from any legitimate source. I actually heard the quote "AN UNVERIFIED REPORT FROM AN UNDISCLOSED SOURCE” on Fox the other day. They then went into ten minutes of speculation on what could have happened or would happen if the report turned out to be true. By that time, who is going to remember that there was zero proof that it was?

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  11. Rabbit hat
    s49nav  4 months ago

    Steve Kelley has truly outdone himself!

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  12. P1000380
    A# 466  4 months ago

    Well, if Ol’ Santy Claus is a Republican, then he punishes the decent only; all others get free passes, and the naughtier the better.

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    jader3rd  4 months ago

    Here’s where Steve doesn’t understand that both sides are not the same. Republicans believe in an in group to favor and an out group to punish. Democrats don’t. Democrats want equal standards for everyone. Steve’s in group world view is so strong he can’t see that.

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  14. Odin
    Holden Awn  4 months ago

    “…If I tell him I’m a Democrat, do you think he’ll go easy on me for all the naughty stuff I did…?” Yes, but as time goes on life will be hard on you for being an ignoramus.

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  15. Missing large
    piper_gilbert  4 months ago

    Let’s compare indictments and convictions going back to Richard Nixon.

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  16. Melting clock fizz creations
    cfkelley  4 months ago

    You can take bribes from many governments, so long as Merrick “Santa” Garland is AG.

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  17. Rabbit hat
    s49nav  4 months ago

    The two sides are indeed not the same.

    Democrats are in favor of opening the borders and forcing a cabinet secretary (and the DNC) to consistently lie about the fact that they’ve opened the borders.

    Democrats are in favor of allowing a family to benefit from selling the influence of the Vice President and the President of the United States.

    Democrats are in favor of wrecking the economy through reckless spending, and then sending the bill to their children and grandchildren.

    Democrats are in favor of not only apologizing for those who cut the heads off babies while forcing their mothers to watch before they rape and murder them, but of threatening to kill those who oppose them.

    I hesitated to begin this list for fear that it would not end, and it truly hasn’t. But unfortunately the time I have avaiable before going to work, has. Now begins the rebuttal by those who don’t have to.

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  18. Missing large
    lsnrchrd.1 Premium Member 4 months ago

    Santa would say to that kid:

    “Boy, it is one thing to lie if a lady asks you if these shorts make her look fat (and they do, but you never tell a lady that!), and there are other occasions when an untruth is not a purely negative thing.

    “However, you gotta be careful with this. A little deceit can sometimes not cause harm while also being beneficial to some degree.

    “But a lie about a group of people because you will stoop to anything — anything — in an attempt to impeach their character and integrity, well, that says something negative, all right.

    “Negative about you.”

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  19. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  4 months ago

    What a cheap shot.

    Santa should avoid all they lying traior thief republicans who want to destroy American democracy so they can be dictators.

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  20. Freeradical
    Free Radical  4 months ago

    Just because Santa’s hat is red does not mean that it says maga on it. He is a jolly old soul after all, not a creepy, hateful, vindictive member of the violent minority

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  21. Cigar smoker
    Jack7528  4 months ago

    Good one, LOL, yes kid!

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  22. Sparrow
    kennnyp  4 months ago

    Yea …. like boink a porn star when your wife is pregnant…or walk in on beauty contestants who are changing…or ‘grabem by the pu$$y.’ just cause you can.. or fake bone spurs to avoid the draft avoiding being like the ‘losers’ who lost their life defending our country … or lie to the people over 20,000 times is four years… or support an insurrection… or want mike pence hanged…. or keep classified docs in a ‘toilet storage’ room and deny they are there… or flood an area to make sure surveillance tapes are destroyed… and keep sick citizens on a boat off shore so your covid numbers won’t look bad… or suggest sticking a light bulb up your a$$ to kill covid… or…and…. …. or…and..

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    FJB  Premium Member 4 months ago

    Of course he’ll go easy on you kid. There is a 2 tiered level of justice with the Justice department, and anyone who can’t see that is clearly not paying attention (25 armed agents arrive at 6 a.m. for a guy who pushed another guy in front of an abortion clinic b/c the other guy was harassing his son).

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  24. Missing large
    tpcox928  4 months ago

    But it will be tougher than if he is a Republican, as a prerequisite for running for office in the GOP is to have a criminal past or to have engaged in criminal behavior without getting caught, yet.

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  25. Capture
    sterref05  4 months ago

    See, even the children see them for what they are. Wish more grownups could have the scales fall from their eyes!

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