Jul 7, 2014
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a suburban

val-u-less moe's video trinket world hummus aplenty
once there was a strip mall, a few small marginal stores anchored by a grocery store.

then one day, weak-ened by aggressive competition, a changing clientele & rumors of tainted bulk food, the grocery store went out of business...
good bye

left adrift, the whole works broke loose and floated slowly away.

p.j. piehole's
food 'n' fun
within days a family restaurant that provides crayons even for adults sprang weedlike from the asphalt.

they say the strip mall is up there yet, looking for a profitable place to land.

man: so if you wake up & find a strip mall in your backyard don't be too damned surprised!
kid 1: that was dumb.
kid 2: yeah, tell one about a poodle.
kid 3: and a nail gun
Jul 14, 2014
Small u 201701251614

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