Dec 17, 2012
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ye booke shop
ben: just who is this richard thompson feller, that he should have his own almanac?

bird: gee, ben, he's one of the great satirical caricaturists of our time. social and political!
ben: i've heard the same said about me.

bird: this person is a true artist, ben. his perceptiveness and his wry wit blend beautifully with his ability to draw

bird: think of michelangelo with a sense of humor.
ben: ah, does ceilings, does he?

ben: seriously, i can't say enough in his favor, such is my admiration for the man and his work!
ben: i think he should go fly a kite

bird: come now - talents like his don't come along every day. they orta give him the noble prize or something!

ben: that's dynamite (to coin a phrase) - but how can one like someone this nobel?
bird: hey, don't get me wrong - he's also a great human bean!

ben: i'll be the judge of that. where can i see his work?
bird: just turn this here page.
Dec 24, 2012
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