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  1. about 1 month ago on Baldo

    I agree Sergio. We pollute the environment with abandon, we use drinking water to keep golf courses in desert green, we have love affair with guns, we don’t accept people different looking from us, believe differently from us or love differently from us.

    We no longer have a sense of community.

  2. 5 months ago on Baldo


  3. 5 months ago on Baldo

    I was thinking the same thing

  4. 5 months ago on Baldo

    Baldo youre 16, if you live at home, continue to work for Rod and put most of your income toward your car.tap . . . tap . . . tapIt’ll be finished by the time you’re 30.

  5. 8 months ago on Baldo

    another public service announcement, there are text messages going around fro “bank cards” saying there are issues with your card and a link to click. Delete that text it is a scam. Credit card companies won’t contact you in such a manner

  6. 8 months ago on Baldo

    I received one of those as well, laughed at it then deleted message.

  7. 9 months ago on Baldo

    Sergio knows he needs to trust Baldo won’t get into trouble, give him some more leeway and accept fact Baldo is growing up

  8. 9 months ago on Baldo

    Baldo, would that be speaking to you in tongues?

  9. 10 months ago on Baldo

    Baldo is growing up,starting to take life seriously, becoming a young man leaving teenager behind.

  10. 10 months ago on Baldo

    looks like Baldo is evolving from young man with young mans thoughts to a man who is starting to see bigger picture of life