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  1. over 12 years ago on Basic Instructions

    Don’t know why the new one hasn’t shown up. It is up over at basicinstructions.net

  2. over 12 years ago on Get Fuzzy

    If you want to see the exciting conclusion to this arc and don’t want to wait until tomorrow, go look at the first week of November 2009.

  3. over 12 years ago on Dark Side of the Horse

    He must be using one of those rare reverse-qwery keyboards of legend — he spilled on the right side of the keyboard, yet it appears to be mostly left-side letters he’s typing while cleaning up.

  4. over 12 years ago on 2 Cows and a Chicken

    @Lingee Whiz: The joke is when the men say they are going on a posse to defend their town, it’s just an excuse to get out and visit the whorehouse.

  5. almost 13 years ago on New Adventures of Queen Victoria

    I think he’s referrring to Zork rather than HHGTTG; both games used the twisty passages theme, though Zork was earlier.

  6. almost 13 years ago on Dark Side of the Horse

    Ah, I was trying to figure out the “Team Cul De Sac” reference and hadn’t made the connection with Petey’s comic book. It would have been appropriate if the little kid in the bed that slept through it all was actually Petey — he would have enjoyed sleeping through that adventure and missing it entirely. And the girl in the center on the manhole cover is another nod to Cul De Sac.

    I was trying to figure out that M at the bottom — it looked like it was falling out of the upturned bed, but I didn’t see it in the bed in previous frames. Finally realized the UR at the top knocked had it loose, turning “NEMO” into “NEURO”.

  7. almost 13 years ago on Dark Side of the Horse

    Looks like this strip was the inspiration:http://thenimbusfactoryblog.blogspot.com/2011/01/winsor-mccay.html

    And I think the main joke is their bed (which incidentally looks horseish) has these adventures, but the kid sleeps right through and misses it all.