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  1. almost 3 years ago on Ten Cats

    Ah yes, the “I meant to say that” defense. So easy to use after the fact. Gotta love that retcon.

    But thanks for confirming pretty much everything I’ve been saying. According to you my comments are invalid, everything I say is foolish, and my subscriber money and I should just go away.

    Pretty much the single most exclusionary, self-important and unwelcoming comment I’ve seen in a long time. You truly are repellent, in every sense of the word. Bravo!

  2. almost 3 years ago on Ten Cats

    Evidently you don’t know what “case in point” means. Then again, you forfeited your right to be taken seriously with all the goat nonsense. That and calling someone a fool for failing to understand your coded gibberish. You’ve done a fine job of almost single-handedly undermining any valid points that others have been making.

    In fact, your sole contribution seems to be snide remarks, as quoted earlier.

    Perhaps not the best choice of representative for what claims to be a welcoming, friendly community.

  3. almost 3 years ago on Ten Cats

    Civilised discourse? No sign of that.

    “That’s in plain English fool.”

    “[..] you aren’t one of us. And to become one of us, you don’t question […] the Citizens”

    “go somewhere else if our comments offend you.”

    “YOU are the only one that his posts seem to bother. "

    “They are not in your favor!”

    “Read the strip then move on.”

    “did somebody object—They’ve already bored me to death and i forgot”

    And so on, ad nauseam.

    All this because I dared to request a single user stop flooding the entire comments page, every single day, with dozens of posts containing nothing but links to other websites. A point that other users agreed with, had you taken the trouble to look.

    I offered alternative ways to post the same information, to allow what is supposed to be a public comments section to be actually legible and accessible, and not just a wall of links, monopolised by a single inconsiderate user.

    If that’s your idea of “stirring up trouble” or criticism then you seem to have a rather defensive attitude to newcomers.

    I employed no sarcasm, or aggression of any sort, though I’ll freely admit to frustration at what is basically one user abusing the system and a small group of supporters leaping to their defense, with a combination of exclusionary statements and perjorative comments.

    This isn’t a comments thread, it’s a clubhouse, where anyone who isn’t a “Citizen” is expected to go elsewhere. And that’s not passive aggressive, that’s paraphrasing exactly what was stated about three comments back.

    If you don’t like to be called exclusionary and unwelcoming, perhaps you could try not behaving that way.

  4. almost 3 years ago on Ten Cats

    Case in point.

  5. almost 3 years ago on Ten Cats

    @PerkyCat I don’t want your favour, nor is it worth having.

    I’m expressing my opinion and asking (politely, if you’d bothered to actually read my posts, although politeness in the face of contempt has its limits) that behaviour which is almost universally considered spammy and inappropriate be curtailed. But here comes the angry “mob” (well, three and a half of you, anyway) to drive away the “outsider”.

    Mob rule is something to be stamped out, not encouraged. Or is the consensus that individualism will not be tolerated? All contrary views will be drowned out by the yells of the slavering horde? Real nice.

  6. almost 3 years ago on Ten Cats

    “One of us”. Nice gang mentality. Exclusionary and territorial, like other paying subscribers or visitors have no right to be here.

    Between one user’s speaking gibberish and being hostile and aggressive, another endlessly spamming links, others showing how to steal content from the website and people like you basically telling visitors to go away, you’ve done a good job of taking a public community and turning it into your own ugly little clique.

    Really in keeping with the spirit of the comic. The author must be so proud.

    I’d heard that GoComics users were toxic, but I never believed it. Now I’ve seen it for myself.

  7. almost 3 years ago on Ten Cats

    So it seems that contrary opinions are not permitted here. Nice.

  8. almost 3 years ago on Ten Cats

    @BBEAR Did you even bother to read the responses and suggestions from other users? Do their opinions have no value either?

    Heaven forbid that you’d consider alternatives like putting links in a single post, or at least making them replies so they don’t fill up the entire page. No, all you want to do is continue spraypainting your name all over someone else’s walls,

    Your reply came across as selfish, inconsiderate and arrogant, giving the strong impression that no viewpoint but your own will even be considered. Very enlightened.

    This site is far too large to be policed by the site owners. On boards like this it’s often down to users and subscribers to raise issues when others abuse or spam the system, in the hope that they’ll show a bit of common decency and moderate their behaviour.

    Looks like that was asking too much.

  9. almost 3 years ago on Ten Cats

    Embedding linked images (and posting links, for that matter) damages everybody involved. The source site loses ad revenue whilst still having to deal with server load, content creators lose royalties and credit because accompanying text, logos or T&C are bypassed, and all the cross-site traffic plays havoc with search engines, hosting and load at both ends.

    GoComics will find their pages run like a dog because they’re pulling data from hundreds of random external sources, while some small host with bandwidth limits suddenly finds they’re getting traffic from some site that gets thousands of visitors a day.

    Internal security has nothing to do with it, other than the fact that they didn’t restrict HTML in comments enough so it was open to abuse, but even YouTube made that mistake for a while.

    Do I take it this “Goat Comics” thing is supposed to be some “clever” disparagement of the site’s owners? Not sure I see the point.

  10. almost 3 years ago on Ten Cats

    Well, I remember when they banned posting links entirely, because it generated so much cross-site traffic that it was causing problems all over the place.