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    Or paranoid. Or depressed.

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    Excellent! AOC was right to point out that these are internment/concentration camps. The head of the border patrol was on cable news two days ago trying to give the impression these were like summer camps to the children; he stumbled,though, when he was describing their lovely conditions: “I was visiting one of the facilities and saw several children outside their cell playing and eating chocolate…” These are PRISONS!

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    Amazing! That gun has turned a human being into Attorney General William Barr!

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    The Queen of the Universe!

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    Absolutely. The previous artist was so annoying. And he stole – STOLE – gags that originated with Bushmiller. And I’m pretty sure “Olivia” refers in the interview to the blog “Princess Sparkle Pony,” a favorite of mine; “Random Nancy” panels were a feature of this much-missed blog.