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  1. over 8 years ago on Lisa Benson

    Lisa Benson’s cartoons frequently exhibit factual accuracy problems. This cartoon is a good example. I can’t tell whether she is simply ignorant or poorly educated, or so ideologically partisan that she just doesn’t care about facts.

  2. over 9 years ago on Lisa Benson

    This is such an intellectually shoddy carton. Factually wrong, conceptually wrong. THe carbon energy industries are subsidized to the tune of $548 billion annually. http://reneweconomy.com.au/2014/fossil-fuel-follies-massive-subsidies-underpin-oil-coal-exploration-17916

    Lisa Benson is perpetrating malicious disinformation.

  3. over 9 years ago on Lisa Benson

    This cartoon is a complete misrepresentation of Obama’s position. It is very unusual for a President to make such a clear public statement that he wanted the public utility model: One internet. The Right lives in a parallel world.