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Former US Marine - Former LEO - Hollywood photographer/graphic artist/FAA licensed drone pilot/Proud Dad to 2 daughters; one with the CHiP - The other a US Coast Guard officer. Wife an adjunct professor at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Favorite Quote: Never corner something meaner than you.

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  1. about 13 hours ago on Luann

    Ah, the forum king of ‘anything you can do, I can do better’.

  2. 1 day ago on Monty

    Ah, so that’s what’s wrong with him.

  3. 1 day ago on Gil Thorp

    “I’ve got my beets?” Who says that?

  4. 1 day ago on Gil Thorp

    Since when to high school teachers/coaches get tenure?

  5. 2 days ago on Gil Thorp

    Well, Ok. I ask for the time and you tell me how to make a watch. I’m glad you have that kind of information but the folder on my brain’s desktop labeled “Things I don’t really need to know” is already over loaded and I can’t seem to delete it. :-)

  6. 2 days ago on Gil Thorp

    Maybe I’m being unjustly unkind to HB. I know he writes the script, but that doesn’t mean he actually writes the storyboard. Maybe the artist does all that or maybe even the colorist who happens to be dyslexic (10 out of 3 people are, you know) and transposed some letters. Or maybe not.

  7. 2 days ago on Gil Thorp

    The level at which HB continues to embarrass himself, without even realizing it, is staggering. Evidently his spell check doesn’t work or translate. Unfortunately, mine still thinks I want to say ‘duck you’ 12 times a day.

  8. 4 days ago on Monty

    Like hiding a tree in the forest.

  9. 4 days ago on Gil Thorp

    What did the kid just order that required that many bills?

  10. 5 days ago on ViewsAmerica

    You and the orange kool-aid drinkers like you are the reason this country is circling the drain.