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  1. 7 days ago on bacon

    Yeah I think I remember this from “Hints from Heloise”

  2. 7 days ago on bacon

    Take time to see other perspectives!

  3. 15 days ago on Kliban

    So many porcupines to porc?

  4. about 1 month ago on Free Range

    Uh-oh, Judge Jeanine’s busted

  5. about 1 month ago on Peanuts Begins

    Vaudeville humor!

  6. about 2 months ago on Ripley's Believe It or Not


  7. 2 months ago on Tom the Dancing Bug

    Carnation Instant Breakfast. Haven’t heard that name in years. I liked the Chocolate Malt

  8. 2 months ago on Back in the Day

    Let sleeping cats purr

  9. 2 months ago on 1 and Done

    What’s a God gotta do to get a little burnt offering over here?!?

  10. 2 months ago on Off the Mark

    Why doesn’t “Bob” use a real potato to starch his shirts like a normal person? Guess he’ll save money in the long run, but won’t be effective at all. That’s why he’s making sure the customer sees him apply that “extra starch”: plausible deniability