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  1. 11 days ago on Kevin Necessary Editorial Cartoons

    Anthony Fauci had the gravitas – had he chosen to use it – to alert the public in a timely fashion to avoid this catastrophe for America — but he didn’t. Now that the beast is loose – the time for interviews and Anthony Fauci is long past. All the interviews aren’t worth as much as a one(1) each ventilator and the staff to manage it now.

    Sweet reason does NOT work on Trump. Until he feared a Wall Street collapse he was shining the experts off. For Fauchi, it was face Trump’s wrath or continue to try to ameliorate Trump’s criminal negligence —as if.

    When this is over we can count up the dead and history can decide how the damn cow ate the cabbage. There will not be enough torches and pitch forks to go around.

  2. 11 days ago on Kevin Necessary Editorial Cartoons

    Many a true word is spoken in jest.

    The “dedicated experts” at CDC still take the weekend off for reporting new covid-19 cases. When I looked this morning new cases have gone from 15,219 to 33,473 today. It isn’t more new tests because deaths doubled too- from 201 to 400. That is a growth rate of 59.6 % per day. My calculus is too rusty to take a second derivative, but it’s clear that it’s growth rate is accelerating like a bat out of hell.

    You can now expand the map on the Johns Hopkins dashboard to show cities. Kevin here is in Cincinnati I don’t see anything there now, but there are 19 cases 20 miles away in Hamilton. Growing at 59% growth (and accelerating) it won’t be long until it’s all over Cincinnati’s buck-eye state ass.

    So don’t take this cartoon as a joke. The life of you and your silver haired Daddy may be on the line.

  3. 11 days ago on Tim Campbell

    The CDC takes the weekend off reporting the day’s number of cases on its web page. I just checked Today’s numbers and the cases have gone from 15,219 on Friday to 33,473 today. It isn’t a testing artifact from new tests. The deaths also doubled from 201 Friday to 400 today.

    That is 18,184 new cases in 2 days. I flunked Calculus, but you can tell the second derivative is some scorching number.

    That is a growth rate rounded off to 119.48 % every two days. We are in the deep, deep kimchee and a good reason for that is because guys like this are out begging and spreading the virus when they should be inside somewhere helping to break the damn spread.

    What will it take for you $%^&&& nitwits to get the message? The National Guard?

    He’s broke. Booo-hooo-ooodley-hoo. Get off the damn street !! We can horse whip all the Trump gang for, like, taking the weekend off later. Today we have to goddam defend ourselves.

  4. 11 days ago on Brian McFadden

    FYI, The Johns Hopkins covid-19 dashboard has been improved significantly. Now you can expand the world map to zoom in on US counties instead of the state numbers.

    For example I picked Franklin county, Ohio at random. As of 11:55 PM there are 34 confirmed cases, no deaths, and no recovered. I figure that means more than hearing people talk about this filthy McConnell rat to the common decent American… the indecent ones too, mostly.

    BUT REMEMBER !! These are just numbers. Is the covid-19 virus in your town? It’s like the Viet Cong. When you can’t see any, that’s the time to deploy some recon and watch your ass, GI.

    PS: Don’t waste time looking for CDC data. The sign on their website says they take the weekends off and you should check back Monday. Keep that in mind when Trump starts in [deleted] in your ear again.

  5. 11 days ago on Brian McFadden

    Trump’s increasing senility is easily visible in his daily covid-19 “press conferences”. It will not wear well at all as the pandemic’s consequences proceed to put America into the deep, deep kimchee.

    In time it will be inescapably evident that he must be removed. Possibly in the 2020 election, possibly by the 25th Amendment. Who knows? Maybe he will disappear in the night like Tsar Alexander.

    I have seen no mention in the US press – but it’s all over France 24 – that the Russians, Chinese, and Cubans are all providing substantial medical aid to Italy. How long until the establishment is forced to admit that Trump has turned America into a banana republic with nukes?

    When that happens for Trump and his gang, their days will not be long in the land.

  6. 12 days ago on Signe Wilkinson

    It isn’t called “lifeboat ethics” for nothing.

    In a lifeboat who gets some drinking water and how much?

    Allsame when there aren’t enough ventilators. So rule #1 is not to need to use the lifeboat in the first place.

  7. 12 days ago on Jeff Stahler

    I once found a copy of Thorne Smith going for a quarter at a rummage sale. Topper ! Poor George and Marion.

    But all those people are available online—-I think — if only as a *.pdf

  8. 12 days ago on Clay Bennett

    In other words…

    Go to the John Hopkins covid-19 Dashboard’s map. Zoom in on America and imagine all those red circles are cancer metastases – because, like cancer, covid-19 displays unchecked growth until the end game.

    NOW do you understand? In a healthy robust young patient you have a chance of slowing the growth- “flattening the curve”

    Some countries – Iceland, Australia, Viet-Nam, Singapore, Japan – they are managing to do that. Those countries are pretty “healthy” — and lucky.

    But, my friends, this is America.

    Wakarimasu ka, Gaijin-san?

    Now listen, a lot more people will survive this than would a stage IV cancer BUT you have to take strict precautions … and stay away from the fools.

  9. 12 days ago on Clay Bennett

    You people persist in the delusion that you can control the course of this pandemic in America. That horse got out of the barn — let me look — around January 27th, when the “shoe leather boys” of the epidemic intelligence service could have tracked down the contacts who were spreading it into the general population. If Trump hadn’t sh*t-canned the EIS.

    Now with 26, 747 cases you think you can stop that runaway train—SERIOUSLY? The moving finger has done writ. You people STILL believe Trump’s chronic and habitual lies?

    Did you NOT notice the arrogant piss-ignorant stupidity displayed up there by “hogofwar”. Do you REALLY think he and his ilk are going to cooperate with “flattening the curve” without an armed insurrection?

    I remember how the people ignored the warnings as Katrina bore down — and the feckless inhumane GOP [haw! haw!] “rescue”.

    Jesus wept. It’s time to pray, my friend.

  10. 12 days ago on Clay Bennett

    By God, Sir! That’s just the kind of inspired, world class stupidity that has gotten America so far in this ranking —AND, no doubt, will carry us to the top.

    To make first place plaque ship, America needs the depth of bench that idiots like you will carry us there.


    PS: Who gives a damn about Russia, Sherlock?