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  1. about 4 hours ago on Tim Campbell

    You best pray that Trump is shot down toot sweet. If Trump gets to negotiate a trade deal with post Brexit England he is going to rape Britannia like Jimmy Saville in an orphanage. And the Tories will hold his coat while he does it.

    So keep a civil tongue in your mouth because the Democratic party is now the only thing between you and a Pizza Express in Woking..

  2. about 8 hours ago on Liberty Meadows

    Monkey boy, are you copying “barracoon” from the Helga pictures?

  3. about 8 hours ago on Tim Campbell

    Apparently Campbell wants to distract you from Trump’s Ukrainian circular firing squad. Listen up. Britain had nothing to do with that. Trump has to sleep in his own crap.

  4. 3 days ago on Jack Ohman

    A woman could win -— but only if if Americans had sisu.

    NB: Wikipedia, “sisu”

  5. 9 days ago on Mike Luckovich

    And yet “Prince” Andrew still sits there with both of his pedophile pervert hooves in the public trough in the timeless tradition of British Royalty – while “austerity” and “universal credit” inflict mass suffering throughout England.

    A flagrant Sassenach affront to every Scots Presbyterian as ever was.

  6. 9 days ago on Mike Luckovich

    Have you SEEN the toffee-nosed gits running England? He saw the what they did to his Mother and when they started to pull that crap on his wife he told them to sod off.

  7. 10 days ago on Tim Campbell

    “Terrorist” ? You mean jucking George Bush and Rumsfeld whose filthy jucking lies got America into this sh*t show — for jucking Shell Oil?

    I hate jucking punk civilians who peddle pig ignorant horse manure like this. The enemy a “terrorist”, eh?.

    What do you call the lying sumbitch American military who sold us a 15 years of dog waste that we were winning in Afghanistan- jucking “heroes”? Did this Iranian take selfies bragging about stabbing the corpses of prisoners?

  8. 10 days ago on Mike Luckovich

    Send that sumbitch to erbil air base.

  9. 10 days ago on Jeff Danziger

    Those “evangelicals” that keep his butt in office deserve to get drafted into the infantry.

  10. 11 days ago on Kevin Necessary Editorial Cartoons

    The drone pilots are an hour north of Las Vegas according to Fox news. The pilots there sit in an air conditioned room flying Reaper drones with hellfire missiles. They can track a target 24/7 and put a hell-fire missile into a target’s hip pocket with a button push.

    “The AGM-114N Hellfire II, first used by U.S. forces in 2003 in Iraq, uses a Metal Augmented Charge (MAC) warhead that contains a thermobaric explosive fill using aluminium powder coated or mixed with PTFE layered between the charge casing and a PBXN-112 explosive mixture. When the PBXN-112 detonates, the aluminium mixture is dispersed and rapidly burns. The resultant sustained high pressure is extremely effective against people and structures.”

    Wikipedia, “Thermobaric weapon”