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  1. 16 days ago on For Better or For Worse

    Footage is another name for video from a camera.

  2. 16 days ago on Luann

    Come on Luann, time to step up to the plate and tell Gunther how you feel about him. It’s pretty obvious you like him, you two almost kissed.

  3. 2 months ago on Luann

    Huh? Why is little Shannon out on the mean streets?

  4. 2 months ago on Luann

    Luann, there’s this cord called a phone charger. And guess what, you can still use your phone while it charges.

  5. 4 months ago on Luann

    Deets is slang for Details

  6. 4 months ago on Luann

    Wow, I’m a guy and never knew about that rule. Guess i have a thing or two to learn about being a man.

  7. 4 months ago on Luann

    Who else thinks Gunter’s parents got the cat’s in hopes Les will change and become a nice guy and change his outlook on life and be more responsible?

  8. 6 months ago on Luann

    You seem to be right alot. My guess is either your Greg Evans in disguise or Greg Evans reads your predictions and goes with it.

  9. 6 months ago on Luann

    Thanks for explaining that to me.

  10. 6 months ago on Luann

    Wait a second..Shannon is not their kid? Who are her parents then?