S&C = Dismayed&Depressed Free

it's still little old me. .SadandConfused....Getting older by the day. But with way too many disappointments... So this is the same old me... getting older and sadder every day ..and more decrepit.

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  1. 5 days ago on Rob Rogers

    This could “lose” Az to the Dems. Ladies, it’s time to fight back.

    VOTE BLUE!!!

  2. 5 days ago on Clay Jones

    Love the Pizza Rat.

    The orange slime just keeps giving the Biden campaign more and more memes to work with. The orange slime just keeps alienating women voters. If the dRumpth just keeps talking, he’s going to eventually lose a big chunk of his voter base.

    Awwww…too bad, so sad. Hehehehe!

  3. 7 days ago on Mike Luckovich

    Way to put it out there….truth!!!! Thank you!!!

  4. 7 days ago on Clay Bennett

    No platform…no intelligence…no democracy.

  5. 7 days ago on Robert Ariail

    He should be charged with murder for every woman who dies because life saving procedures were withheld….because .,.you know…the lawmakers want women to be breeding stock…forced birth…no longer a woman’s and her doctor’s decision.

  6. 8 days ago on Rob Rogers

    No, but it is the choice voters must make this Nov.


  7. 9 days ago on Clay Bennett

    Hence…the Bobbit Maneuver!


  8. 14 days ago on Jeff Danziger

    Which is so insulting for the poor animals being compared to the orange slime grifter. Doncha think?

  9. 15 days ago on Clay Jones

    Those posters who hurl insults at cartoonists really are the bottom what we see in here, the question is why do they bother to come in here.. oh we know.. if they can’t hurl insults and get responses, they don’t get paid. Bottom line for them is getting paid. Have you ever noticed that the grifters in the GQP always expect to get paid.

    Once again I have to thank you Clay Jones for your biting humor on a subject that could make most of us pull our hair out from the frustration of watching the dRumpth cult destroying our society with their hated and their obstructionism and their extreme conspiracy theories.

    @CLAYJONZ please don’t pay any attention to garbage spewing paid troll. I look for you every day and enjoy your column . Thank you.

  10. 17 days ago on Nick Anderson

    I wish she’d hurry and unleash the wrath of the scorned.