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Portista Free

Disabled/retired from the Navy chaplaincy, moved first to Portugal and now back to the Pacific Northwest. Hoping/planning to return to Portugal, where life, and the wine, is good.

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  1. 9 months ago on Endtown

    Ouch. I hate it when that happens to me.

  2. 11 months ago on Endtown

    More likely a direct descendant, although that would imply that some poor woman had sexual relations with Jughead Jones.

  3. 11 months ago on Endtown

    Nope— they’re not dittoes. They’re ditteeth!

  4. about 1 year ago on Robert Ariail

    @kaffekup Two hundred bucks a week IS a compromise, when you consider that a number of them want it to be zero. Take Ted Cruz as just one example — he was all gung-ho on the massive tax cut for the rich, but when it’s money for the rest of us, he’s suddenly remembered that Republicans are supposed to be against deficit budgets.

    Mind you, without continuing those benefits, the economy is even more likely to tank irreparably, since consumer confidence, already low, will bottom out altogether, and if no one is willing to buy then companies can’t sell, and round and round.

    Are we having fun yet?

  5. about 1 year ago on Robert Ariail

    X marks the spot!

  6. over 2 years ago on Widdershins

    It does in this world, though…

  7. over 2 years ago on Widdershins

    I love the, ahem “sexy underwear”!

  8. over 2 years ago on Batch Rejection

    And I assume he’s writing with a fountain pen… this is a high class coffee joint!

  9. over 2 years ago on Long Story Short

    When I think of all the various things in the world worthy of hatred, such as hunger, war, racism, etc., I have to agree; Americans using British terms is certainly the most hateful of them all.

  10. over 2 years ago on That is Priceless

    Yeth, me too.