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  1. about 14 hours ago on Rose is Rose

    I used to catch spiders and take them outside, until I found out that most of the house spiders have adapted to the indoor environment.

  2. 2 days ago on FoxTrot

    But Roger is a turkey. Shouldn’t he be already in the club?

  3. 9 days ago on Doonesbury

    The presidential rating appears to come from this poll. Bottom five are Johnson, Buchanan, Trump, Harding, Pierce. Not sure why Pierce is at the bottom.https://scri.siena.edu/2019/02/13/sienas-6th-presidential-expert-poll-1982-2018/

  4. 11 days ago on Ten Cats

    Early on, we had a cat who would methodically go around the room knocking over any mugs or cups she could find whether or not there was any liquid in them. Fortunately, we caught on and started leaving a glass of water in a corner for her. We’ve kept a water glass for the cats ever since.

  5. 14 days ago on Ten Cats

    One of our cats had “BITES!” written on his folder at the vets in big red letters.

  6. 18 days ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    Looks like the original copyright is 1989. Teeny tiny letters between the frames.

  7. 19 days ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    The ubiquity of cell phones has made a huge difference in storytelling.

  8. 23 days ago on Ten Cats

    I like today’s font, especially the second panel. Panel three, though, the script looks like it’s not scaling up quite right.

  9. 24 days ago on Rose is Rose

    While the birds are off to their winter homes, fall is a great time to plant native perennials to help feed them when they come back. Especially in the spring when they are feeding babies, most birds need lots of caterpillars and insects. They will find the most bugs on trees and shrubs native to your region. https://www.audubon.org/news/new-research-further-proves-native-plants-offer-more-bugs-birds

  10. 25 days ago on Wallace the Brave

    Actually, most house spiders have adapted to the indoor environment. https://www.mnn.com/your-home/at-home/blogs/8-facts-about-misunderstood-house-spider