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  1. 6 months ago on Crabgrass

    Remarkably neat printing for the kid.

  2. 6 months ago on Wallace the Brave

    Foggy days, take me awayBut ah, oh, those foggy nights…

  3. 9 months ago on Doonesbury

    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

  4. 9 months ago on Doonesbury

    Galileo? Didn’t they excommunicate him?

  5. 9 months ago on Crabgrass

    Crabgrass is set in the 80s. Calvin and Hobbes came out in the 80s. Which asks the question: are Kevin and Miles in the same universe as Calvin? Or are they inspired by the comic strips?

  6. 10 months ago on Arlo and Janis

    “It’s about to come on?” What is this, “live” TV?

  7. 10 months ago on Peanuts

    Hardship is in the nerves of the beholder.

  8. about 1 year ago on Widdershins

    Or at least get the ducking umbrella over her head.

  9. about 1 year ago on Cul de Sac

    “It can even pinch my shoe!”And that, friends, is why I don’t like eating at AYCE places…

  10. about 1 year ago on Crabgrass

    Interesting article from Time Magazine:“400 Years After the ‘First Thanksgiving,’ the Tribe That Fed the Pilgrims Continues to Fight for Its Land Amid Another Epidemic”